Our vision is to be the best blend of marketing and analytical thinking you can get. Anywhere on this planet Earth.

This may be drilled down into:

  • To put to use that blend for clients that believe in the power of precision marketing.
  • To do so across the globe, learning from practices and cultures across countries.
  • To deliver measureable results and be a participant in the outcomes.

What we value at Cartesian, is what drives our way and style of working, dealing with clients and colleagues, internal policies, future plans.

  • We value Integrity: Be genuine and grounded, be honest and fair.
  • We value Smart: Get what is being asked for, deliver a little more, do it quick.
  • We value Accountability: Measure what you do, participate in the upside.
  • We value Broader Horizons: Read up and research related and unrelated matters, guide new thinking.
  • We value Living Well: Live well, do things outside work, be inspired, be inspiring.
  • We value Growth: Grow and evolve, try something new, fail and get up again.
  • We value Purpose: Close loose ends, find solutions, make decisions, do what’s right.
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