Solus is the intelligence behind your hyper-personalized marketing

Solus enables your Segment of One strategy

Solus is, simply put, the most intelligent application of CRM you’ll come across. It takes all the good that CRM has promised, and puts it on steroids, and it does it by getting you to be truly Segment of One in the way you deal with your customers.

Solus sits in-between your data, and your marketing automation systems. It forms the best possible action you can take today, at an individual customer level, and sends out that recommended action with personalization fields to your messaging systems. With response data coming back in, Solus learns and improves it’s output, all the time.

Solus allows you to move from segmented campaigns to individual messages, at scale, whilst reducing discounting.

Solus has three core modules:

Events such as “you did your 10th transaction” or “you bought a new product category”

Scores such as “you are likely to respond” or “you are likely to churn”

Paths such as “you match 30 other customers” or “your next transaction will be product ABC, 20 days from now, at Store XYZ, full price”.

Solus comes with in-built tools to enable governance, contact optimization, personalization, reporting, and learning.

Solus is built on a set of AI and ML algorithms that help find the right action recommendation at an individual level, and learning from response to improve the recommendations. The tech has been built to quickly customize to your context and scale to very large data sets.

The Genome: At the heart of Solus is the customer genome, and transformation of your one-view of the customer to a set of binaries that allow for efficient running of complex algorithms. If you know the composition of your customers genome, you’ll know what next to do with them that is relevant.

At the end of it all, the output is highly relevant messages, crafted by the Solus AI, for each of your customers. No more campaigns, what you’re now sending out is a bunch of individual messages. A single send may look like this:

Why Solus?
3X the lift as compared to segmented CRM messages, at lower discounting. We’ve seen better responses to Zero-discount messages sent by Solus as compared to offer messages sent to segments.

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