We are an analytics firm whose work goes far beyond reporting needs. However, reporting still does take up a significant amount of time and energy as we help many layers of management be up-to-date with, and decode their data.

KPI setting and dashboards
We help set KPIs that are powerful but still easy to comprehend. Whether to look at absolute value or indices, how to look at trends, how to separate expected from exceptional achievement, whether to set targets based on peers or past history. And then we build dashboards to deliver the metrics across the enterprise, with many levels of drill down, and charting that helps comprehend the data. We also look at senior management reports that are more strategic in nature, and have diagnostics and correctives built in.

In order to create a sense of competition, and achievement amongst staff or channel, we have found the leaderboard format to be effective – which has a ranking of stores/staff/regions on multiple parameters, and gives them a now vs. earlier view of their ranking. Many organisations we do this for, link store KPIs to their ranking.

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