At Cartesian we’re helping marketing measure and improve on the effectiveness of its efforts. We’re here to impact how well marketing functions through a troika of offerings, our 3Ms:

MMM: Marketing Mix Modelling

MTA: Multi Touch Attribution

MET: Marketing Effectiveness Tracking

MMM – Mix Models

We have helped some of the largest Retail, Online, CPG and BFSI brands improve their understanding of marketing spends with mix models. Our models use some of the most advanced analytical techniques such as genetic algorithms to accurately estimate the model parameters such as advertising carryover, saturation. Our builds are bespoke, and very action focused.

MTA – Multi Touch Attribution

While Mix Models helps take decisions on spend channels and amounts, MTA helps in attribution of digital channels. We use multiple algorithms such as Markov chain and Shapley value and deploy MTA dashboards that inform clients on the true impact of their digital spends.

MET – Marketing Effectiveness Trackers

We don’t just help in a one-off understanding or model build, but on setting up a discipline within the marketing fuction to be more measurement oriented with out MET offering. Multi-country dashboards that track action and impact for marketing, alerts and early warnings, data integration and metrics consistency across regions.

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