Cartesian has partnered with marketingQED to bring advanced marketing effectiveness measurement to India.

The Tools


modelQED is used to create marketing mix models for analysing past performance. It allows you to measure your marketing ROI, by channel, country, brand or product. It determines the effectiveness of all of the advertising and promotional activities for each brand or product. It can identify if any particular marketing effort had an incremental impact on the business and the likely size of that impact.


forecastQED takes the model/s built in modelQED and uses them to forecast what the proposed future marketing plan’s impact would be on future business performance.


optimiseQED creates both a forecast and an optimisation, it compares the likely outcome of different marketing plans on business performance. It can estimate the best way to spend your marketing resources across specific marketing activities subject to “real-world” constraints. It also allows you to identify the right budget and mix of investments that is needed to achieve the goals you’re setting for your campaigns.


priceQED allows you to model the price and sales data for a whole product category and to understand the relationships between all of the products (SKUs) within a category. From this model you can understand the impact of a price rise or fall on each product in the category.

The modules

– Advanced modeling, simulators and optimization

– Trained Cartesian analysts to help you, or the ability to go DIY if you wish

– A tool that is beautifully visual, inspiring, revealing, and very business-user friendly

– The ability to deep dive into specifics, and do bespoke work with a trained team

– The ability to constantly monitor and improve the effectiveness of marketing spends

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