Kyte helps you craft better subject lines.

Kyte helps you pick words that boost the open rate of your Email subject lines.

Kyte tells you how effective your subject lines are going to be. Without A/B testing.

Kyte lets you pre-test your subject lines, without actually doing A/B testing. And then advises you on what you need to do to make them even better.

Kyte lifts your marketing communications.

There’s nothing quite like Kyte. You subscribe to the product and load up past subject lines and their open rates, which is used to train Kyte to your particular context. 2 business days later, you’re ready to go – you type in your subject line and boom, Kyte gives you an open rate prediction (to an accuracy exceeding 95% in some cases)!
Machine Learning, AI, and a few dozen man-years of experience come together in this nifty tool to advise email marketers concerned about getting their subject lines right. It drives open rates beyond sending the email to the right inbox.

Predict | Inspire | Search
While the core of Kyte is the Prediction – which in itself is brilliant, giving you A/B results without actually having to do A/B tests, there’s more to it. Kyte also gives you Recommendations – what you can do to improve your subject lines, and finally Inspiration – Kyte keeps you updated on trends it’s been noticing. What’s more; you can also Search through all your past subject lines and see their actual open rates.

Kyte uses Machine Learning and AI algorithms, developed by some of the best minds in the field. There’s algorithms for deconstructing subject lines into features, for predicting open rates, for recommending words and phrases, and for giving you trends in subject lines across industries.

Why Kyte
Kyte works. One of the larest private banks in the world uses Kyte and has seen its open rates increase by 60%!
Kyte is future ready – using learning algorithms to constantly improve it’s prediction and recommendations.
Kyte is bespoke – it learns from your data and trains itself to give you recommendations that are tuned to your context.

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