We firmly believe in partnering with our clients to achieve superior outcomes. Given that, we begin with understanding our client’s business, goals, challenges and enablement/technology stack. This helps us assess their digital readiness and then build a roadmap accordingly. This roadmap typically results in recommendations and/consultation around one or more of the following areas, which we provide services on –

Tag Management

Data Collection is a pre-requisite in laying the foundation for analytics. Tag Management reduces dependencies on your IT team’s web development release cycles and allows real-time analytics data collection. We can help you with configuring rules/tags to collect relevant information needed for analysis. This includes management of marketing, analytics, optimization and other third-party tags in a platform-agnostic manner.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting on KPIs and performing deep-dive analysis on your digital data is crucial in understanding your customers and their preferences to make meaningful, data-driven decisions. We can help with building custom reports and dashboards, perform complex, ad hoc analysis and provide insights & recommendations on your digital data.

A/B Testing & Personalization

Gone are the days of going by your hunch when it comes to designing your digital assets for best customer experience. A/B Testing lets you test your hypothesis and wining customer experiences. Based on your test results and/or personalization needs for upcoming campaigns and other business needs, relevant audiences can targeted for a achieving a specific goal. We can help with building test hypothesis, design tests (variants, target audience, etc.), run and monitor the tests, along with final results interpretation.


Multi-touch Attribution helps marketers justify spends for various customer interaction channels and helps in understanding the contribution of each of the channels in bringing about conversions. In order to move away from heuristic models (like First/Last/Linear Touch), we build data-driven models to tackle the multi-touch conversion attribution problem. We offer choice of models, pros & cons of each choice, and ability to customize the models per your business needs.

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