Our channel work revolves around helping set a performance tracking and enhancement system, clustering of stores, and designing loyalty programs for channel. This spans stores, dealers, retailers, and agents.

Clustering of dealers/stores/channel partners: Typically businesses have a A-B-C classification based primarily on sales volumes and/or values. We look at setting up a series of alternate segmentation schemes that bring to life different nuances for instance consistency, range, growth, product mix sold, discount characteristics, customer profile and mix, market potential and size.
The clustering allows the business to create peer groups of channel members and treat them similarly within peer group.

Channel Scoring
We build scoring models to measure performance of the channel members across multiple parameters. Scoring is best done within clusters or peer groups, so that the relative scores truly reflect over or underperformance given the peer group. Channel scoring models can also extend into leaderboards and rankings that help motivate the channel to perform better.

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