CLM Engine is an engine that allows brands to execute a Segment of One strategy. It combines advanced analytics, direct marketing thinking, campaign best practices and top notch Governance to get more value from an existing customer base.

The key highlights of the engine are as follows:

  • Segment of One Marketing
  • Use of Genome Mapping (binary conversion of a transaction) to allocate Customers to Paths
  • Every Path contain some fertile zones – called Gravity Zones, where the communication is intensified in bursts
  • Preference (Revealed and Latent) based path changes
  • Self-Learning
  • Optimized for a large database of customers
  • Relevant and Governed yet optimal number of interventions per customers
  • Set Paths and Evolutions with richer information, offer optimization
  • Handholding the customer from one purchase to the next has resulted a great lift in the business metrics which are the biggest challenge for marketers – Single to Repeat, Improve Frequency
  • Design of Experiments which learns from results
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