We help with business decisions by coming in with deep dives, root cause analysis, scenario builders, forecasts and optimization.

Our business analytics services include:

Analytics for Growth

Pattern identification and Root cause analysis to identify patterns in your sales performance, and what makes them so. This could include identifying drivers of sales, missed opportunities, reasons for growth (or degrowth).

Analysis of market share – what works to improve market share or sales. What combination of season, product, geography, promotions leads to improvement in market share. Where are you winning relative to competition, where to focus on.

Forecasting – we help you improve your forecasting models by looking at multiple techniques that help minimize errors in forecasts, account for seasonality and new product/ marketing innovations.

Assortment and Merchandise analytics for Retail

Product analytics – we anlayse sales patterns in past years to come up with product norms that work, for different customers and stores. Combining product + customer + geography gives a far more refined decision making lens to managers.

Assortment decision support – we help buyers take assortment decisions at a store level, what is the right width and depth of product to be stocked that will help improve margins, and reduce stock liquidation.

Sell through early warnings – we analyze sell through patterns and build early warning systems that allow interventions before liquidation sets in.

The Voice of Customer

Text mining of verbatims and feedback data: We help link the voice of customer to the transaction data, hence adding to the knowledge of what they say Vs. what they do, identifying the importance of feedback as a predictor of future behavior, and creating an index of satisfaction that can be tracked across the enterprise.

The voice of customer data can also be used for store clustering, improving assortment decisions, and taking pricing, promotions and markdown decisions.

HR Analytics

Our predictive models can be extended to aiding decisions on employee selection and retention:

Predicting churn: Identifying employees likely to churn y analyzing patterns in past attrition and finding markers for high risk employees.

Performance metrics: We can aid in building a value + attrition risk framework for employees that helps organizations with a large number of employees identify where they want to focus retention efforts. Testing of interventions can add a layer of insight into what works in reducing attrition.

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