Cartesian Consulting is a global analytics services firm specializing in customer, marketing and business analytics. We help brands across the world improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilize their data for business decisions and marketing interventions.

Our ability to put advanced analytics quickly into a business context and create impact from it is what sets us apart. We work in three modes where we

1) Analyze data, act on it, and put it into an Industrialized “always on” solution
2) Dive deep into a specific business problem and solve for it
3) Work to create a culture in an organization that is data driven and customer obsessed.

Our work spans :

1) Customer analytics to help drive repeat, retention, lifetime value, and enterprise-wide customer insight
2) Marketing analytics covering mix modeling, attribution models, spends optimization, conversion optimization models
3) Business analytics spanning Pricing and Margin optimization, text analytics, supply chain and Inventory, store and branch analytics, HR analytics, and finally
4) Enterprise wide decision support and Analytics Centre of Excellence setup advisory. While there are many areas we have deep experience in, some of our best work comes when we take on a new problem for the very first time. It gives us great joy, and we do exceptionally well tackling the unknown.

Our work has helped brands in Retail, QSR, Financial Services, Telecom, eCommerce, and Hospitality improve their toplines by 5-10%, improve margins by 6-12%, and improve their ability to take better data-driven decisions.

Founded in India in 2009, and with offices in India, Singapore and North America, Cartesian today is a rapidly growing 150 person organization working for over 50 brands in 10 countries.

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