Cartesian Consulting uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help their clients accelerate Enterprise-Scale forecasting

ZipCast Solution uses Containerized Software on Red Hat OpenShift to enable forecasting for Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Distribution and Manufacturing industries

Mumbai (IN) and Dallas (TX), March 9, 2021 –  Cartesian Consulting, a global analytics firm, today announced that the company is using IBM Cloud Paks on Red Hat OpenShift to power ZipCast, a solution that helps clients accelerate enterprise-scale demand forecasting for the Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Distribution and Manufacturing industries. The solution is designed to automate the model building and forecasting process by surfacing pre-built models to help data scientists save time and focus on higher-value work.

Harnessing the flexibility, security and portability of IBM Cloud Paks to power solutions across hybrid cloud environments, ZipCast:

  • Collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, including on-premises and multicloud and
  • Extracts and transforms raw data into market-ready analysis using IBM Watson, IBM Data Refinery and IBM Cognos Analytics that ZipCast can use to predict daily inventory, forecast merchandise shortages and schedule stock replenishments.

“Working with IBM to build ZipCast has been absolutely brilliant. IBM Cloud Paks helped us build ZipCast in a manner that can significantly improve productivity and adoption among data scientists,” said Sandeep Mittal, Managing Director, Cartesian Consulting. “ZipCast is helpful for enterprises that are looking to improve their forecasting abilities.”

“Our work with Cartesian reinforces IBM’s commitment to create assets with our ecosystem partners that bring value to clients across industries.” said Gaurav Sharma, Vice President – Cloud and Cognitive Software, IBM India. “IBM Cloud Pak for Data empowers organizations to unlock the value of their data, designed in a cost-efficient way. An industry accelerator for demand forecasting, Cartesian’s ZipCast solution leverages IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build and deploy forecasting models to respond to dynamic market requirements.”

Cartesian Consulting is part of IBM’s Cloud Pak ecosystem, an initiative to support partners of all types — whether they build on, service or resell IBM technologies and platforms — to help clients manage and modernize workloads from bare-metal to multicloud with Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform.

About Cartesian Consulting:
Cartesian Consulting is a global analytics consulting firm. Set up in 2009, the firm specializes in analytics that helps businesses improve customer value, marketing spends, and business decisions. The consulting practice provides bespoke analytics solutions for Customer Analytics, Media and Attribution analytics, Promo Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Pricing and Promo Optimization, Store analytics, Retail analytics and the application of AI to business needs across industry verticals including Retail, eCommerce, QSR, Hospitality, BFSI and CPG. Cartesian’s analytics practice is widespread, with a strong focus on predictive modelling, reinforcement learning, the use of neural nets, NLP and computer vision, and the building of interpretable machine learning models. The firm also evangelizes the use of a wide array of technologies to build models and bring in domain expertise that comes from having hundreds of projects under their belt. For details on ZipCast read more.For further information: Cartesian Consulting: Deepa Ghosh, | IBM India: Zarin Darashaw,

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