Cartesian Consulting is a global analytics consulting firm. Set up in 2009, we specialize in analytics that helps businesses improve customer value, marketing spends, and business decisions.

Our consulting practice provides bespoke analytics to over 70 domestic and global brands, with projects spanning Customer Analytics, Media and Attribution analytics, Promo Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Pricing and Promo Optimization, Store analytics, Retail analytics and the application of AI to business needs. The verticals we cater most often to are BFSI, Retail, QSR, Hospitality and eCommerce.

Our analytics practice is widespread, with a strong focus on predictive modeling, reinforcement learning, the use of neural nets, NLP and computer vision, and the building of interpretable machine learning models. We also evangelize the use of a wide array of technologies to build our models and bring in domain expertise that comes from having hundreds of projects under our belt.

Our Product division has launched two products – SOLUS and ZIPCAST. Our Segment of One Engine is SOLUS (www.solus.ai) which drives hyper-personalization at scale and ZIPCAST which enables forecasting at scale and complexity at a base unit level that can be used for demand planning and inventory optimization. Having set up our AI lab in 2017 we’re constantly pushing ourselves to convert our IP into consumption-ready solutions.



Our services are available to marketers and heads of organizations wishing to put decision sciences to use in a manner that impacts business.

These services are delivered with choices of consultative, implementation and ongoing operations components with the end goal being embedded decision sciences.

Customer Analytics

When it comes to driving customer value, we have found that there are 4 priorities that come up irrespective of which industry we're talking to – Retail, Ecommerce, Hospitality, Telecom, Financial services.
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Marketing Analytics

Our models help optimize marketing spends with advanced mix modeling with a focus on digital spends, and promo optimization that aids decisions on promo and offers in the market.
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Artificial Intelligence

We help our customers unlock value from large, diverse data sources through AI. This includes optimizing their marketing communications, generating rich product descriptions, planning preventive maintenance for equipment, and so much more.
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Digital Analytics

We partner with clients on their Digital journeys to drive value based outcomes by providing Digital Analytics services. This includes Tag Management, Reporting & Analytics, A/B Testing and Data-driven Multi-touch Attribution.
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Business Analytics

We help with better models for forecasting, scenario builders and deep dives for identification of growth drivers, assortment and merchandising analysis, inventory management.
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Reporting & Tracking

We help the leadership get the metrics right with reports and dashboards, and work on action oriented leaderboards. We are platform neutral and focus on crafting of metrics and their visualization.
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Solus is the intelligence behind your hyper-personalized marketing
Solus enables your Segment of One strategy



ZipCast puts forecasting on steroids.
ZipCast enables forecasting at scale with high levels of accuracy.



They are extremely intelligent, hard-working people. They correspond promptly with you, and they...

International Pizza Chain, Indonesia

Chief Executive Officer
Cartesian Consulting has been able to add a high degree of value to the loyalty program analytic...

Fashion and Lifestyle Company, India

Head Omni Channel and Consumer Practices
Cartesian Consulting is outstanding on analytics. They have real understanding of loyalty and an...

Beauty Services, India

VP Marketing

Our Team

Sandeep Mittal

Managing Director

Shikha Lath

Director Marketing

Narasimha Murthy Pappu

Vice President - Delivery

Jim Griffin

Director - Business Development, North America

Pearl Dsouza

Head – Human Resources

Deepa Ghosh

Vice President - Business Development, APAC

Moumita Sarker

Vice President - Client Delivery

Pankaj Agarwal

Chief Financial Officer

Work with Us

Join a place that’s considered one of the best places to get your analytics career going! We’re a fast growing, challenging, ever-evolving place for staunch hearts and sharp minds!


Work Modes

Ongoing Industrialized

Ongoing Industrialized

  • Retainer services, long term engagements
  • Always-on solutions
  • These range from owning the customer LTV, building optimization tools, lifecycle management rules engines, visualization tools, scorecards and more.

Deep Dive

Deep Dive

  • Solve for a very specific business problem
  • Deep expertise applied for a project
  • The problems can range from building an open rate predictor for a Bank, or helping a University improve its student screening process, to helping retailer



  • Long term strategy around Analytics usage
  • CEO Setup advisory
  • We assess the tech and skills ecosystem needed, plan the structure and investments, the business stewardship needed for an Analytics COE


Our Capabilities

We manage high-intensity needs

160 Mn customers | Over 500 Mn monthly transaction records | 1000+ analytical requests handled monthly | Working with online and IOT data

We constantly test and apply new methodologies

Regression | Clustering | Random Forests | Markov Chains | Genetic Algorithms | Pareto NBD | SVM | Decision Trees | Collaborative Filtering

We manage Enterprise-wide mandates

Working for a leading QSR brand across 5 countries
Working for a technology brand for requirements across 11 countries
Working across 8 brands of a conglomerate

We bring perspective from a depth of experience

We have worked with over 100 brands ranging from a stock exchange to a luxury hotel, a university, and an NGO
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